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Voldemort has tried, and failed, eight times to destroy Harry Potter. At the conclusion of Harry Potter's final year at Hogwarts, both Harry Potter and Voldemort stood alive. As Harry and his friends cross over into the adult world, and out of the safety of Hogwarts, Voldemort devises yet another plan. Perhaps Hogwarts isn't quite as safe as we all thought it to be. While Voldemort knows the strength of Dumbledore, and the trust he places in his faculty, the students are another matter. Find a way to put Harry Potter back into Hogwarts, and destroy him from the inside.

The Ministry of Magic has been infiltrated, and when the students took their NEWT exams, all but a few of them failed. No such thing has ever happened before, and such a failure warrants attention. Confidence in Dumbledore abilities to see over Hogwarts is once again waning, and once again, the Ministry of Magic steps in to straighten things out. The decision was made that every student that failed their NEWTs must return to Hogwarts for an 8th year of schooling, and once again take their Newts exams at the end of the year.

Because of these new circumstances, someone was brought in specially to help certain 8th year students through the year. A man named Sneevely took the 8th year students to a well within the Dark Forest, and it was there that those were chosen to be under his supposed help. This group of students is called "The Tree of Knowledge", and as these members would come to find, they were chosen solely due to their willingness to do wrong, and only were they to know what will be going on within the walls of Hogwarts.

Each member of The Tree of Knowledge is now working to help Voldemort in his quest to destroy Harry Potter. Each member has been given their role. With the objective to corrode Harry Potter's friendships, trust, and belief in himself, each member will work specifically to take away from Harry all that has kept him from being defeated by Voldemort before. Those students outside of the watch of Sneevely will be unknowingly targeted for their relationships with Harry Potter, while others will be manipulated into blindly helping with the destruction.

After so many years of battling to keep himself and his friends alive, it may only take one year to see Harry fall, and this year, it could be at the hands of his peers.

Current Players:

_hjpotter Harry Potter, Sn: o0 Smimmsie 0o

chess_boy Ron Weasley, Sn: Spark the Moon

antigeekgranger Hermione Granger, Sn: o0 Smimmsie 0o

girl_weasley Ginny Weasley, Sn: girlweasley

lavenderb Lavender Brown, Sn: LoverlyLavender

angeloo Angeline Ruet, Sn: Serratenshi

dmalfoy_ Draco Malfoy, Sn: CountessDracina

milbullstrode Millicent Bullstrode, Sn: LoverlyLavender

emerald_malice Malcolm Baddock, Sn: Spark the Moon

insidiousslyth Skylar Rosier, Sn: YourDesiredDrug

meetyourdemise Demise Colby, Sn: Serratenshi

nott_something Theodore Nott, Sn: YourDesiredDrug

star_ruet Star Ruet, Sn: Serratenshi

blaise_zabini Blaise Zabini, Sn: Girl Zabini

trixie_zabini Trixie Zabini, Sn: Girl Zabini

headboyterry Terry Boot, Sn: Spark the Moon

taleabsinthe Tale Absinthe, Sn: TaleAbsinthe

disco_mandy Mandy Brocklehurst , Sn: Spark the Moon

cael_macnair Cael MacNair, Sn: YourDesiredDrug

rosie_brown Rosie Brown, Sn: LoverlyLavender

kit_newton Kit Newton, Sn: girlweasley

maghnus Maghnus Lestrange/Wynne, Sn: Serratenshi

sock_enthusiast Professor Albus Dumbledore, Sn: Serratenshi

lunaphobic_ Remus Lupin, Sn: amantt OX ique

_justtonks Nymphadora Tonks, Sn: just t0nks

snivellusnomore Severus Snape Sn: just t0nks

nurse_pomfrey Poppy Pomfrey Sn: girlweasley

sneevely Abraxas Sneevely Sn: YourDesiredDrug

rockmeruet Pax Ruet, Sn: Serratenshi

dis_owned Richard Zabini, Sn: girlweasley

Looking For:

Peter Pettigrew
Dean Thomas
Seamus Finnigan
Parvati Patil
Padma Patil
Neville Longbottom
Michael Corner
Luna Lovegood
Susan Bones
Ernie Macmillan
Serena Fawcett

Playing the Game:


-- Updates by characters are made in their personal journals. The Comm's LJ is used for news and OOC business. We also have a fan community, where those who enjoy watching the community can comment and interact with the characters.

hp_staffroom - This is a place designed to aid interaction between the teachers in the community.

_modsquad - This is the shared journal of the Moderators of Dramatis Personae. Posts to the community from the moderators (auditions, rules, notices) will be posted from this version, rather than ooc journals and ic journals being used all over the shop.

quite_useless - Our fan journal, used for those who watch us and would like to comment on just about anything going on, as well as interact with this communities players and characters.


-- To keep this community active, all characters in the community must update, to a minimum of every two weeks. If you know you can't make that commitment for a short period of time (example: holidays, family problems, school) please make a post about it in the community, to let us know you're still alive and still want to be in the game. If the minimum of two weeks is not met with no explanation, you will receive an email about lack of updates. If you receive a serious warning/lecture, you will be placed on a method of UPDATE PROBATION, where all of your characters must update every four days for one month. Failure to meet these guidelines will result in the removal of your character/s from this community.

-- Slash is welcome in this community, although, with both slash and het relationships, only realistic pairings will be accepted. What is realistic and what is not is able to be debated. There will be no Harry/Draco, Crabbe/Ginny, or any of those kinds of strange, unbelievable from canon pairings. If in doubt, make a post about it, and ask what the rest of the community thinks.


-- Do get to know the other players in the community Out of Character. Strong friendships help to strengthen this community, and prevent misunderstandings between players. We have plenty of both In Character and Out Of Character chat rooms on AIM, and please try to be courteous and polite to all players. If you have a problem at any time, do not hesitate to tell somebody about it so that your problem can be helped. Holding back things that need to be said does not solve problems. If you have any suggestions about anything in this community, do bring it up. This community is run by everyone and your involvement is greatly appreciated


First make sure that you have recently read parts of the rp so that you know what has been going on and how the community works.

Please complete and submit the following survey to_modsquad with the following information, and one of the moderators will post it in the community, for the members to vote on it.

-- Name
-- E-mail Address
-- AIM/MSN screen name
-- Journal *
-- Prior Experience **

-- Character
-- Year
-- House
-- Sample Journal Entry

Write a journal entry for the character you wish to apply for. It should be several paragraphs in length, in first person and with proper spelling and grammar. The entry may include personal comments & opinions about the events in some of the character's lives. By this, we will see that your character is aware of what has going on around them. This is the most important aspect of the application. It shows that you have knowledge of the character's personality you are applying for.

*___ you may use an existing, abandoned journal that was in use in another community. If we are able to, we may be able to supply you with a livejournal code, although it is expected to be returned when it is needed. Should you leave the community, you are expected to return the journal to one of the moderators.

**___ Prior experience is not needed, although it is recommended and best mentioned that you are familiar with both role playing, and livejournal

+__ The journal that is used for a character in this community may not be a member of any other community (unless it is a sub community). The storylines that are used in this community are exclusive

When you are accepted to the community you will have to be invited in order to gain posting access. To retrieve your invitation to join, please visit http://www.livejournal.com/manage/invites.bml and click 'accept'. You will be notified of your acceptance or rejection via the main community pagedramais_persona

- This is an RPG community, and we in no way take credit for JK Rowlings books, or characters. All things Harry Potter are property of JK Rowling and Warner Brothers. -